Integrated Soul Care

Integrated Soul Care is a holistic approach to dealing with the many ways that people have been affected by sin and suffering in a broken world. By providing a safe and confidential place for a person to be heard and known, skillful professional counseling can address the complexity of a person’s story.

Our professional counseling team offers both individual and marital therapy to address a wide range of growth issues and personal challenges including depression, anxiety, relationship issues and sexual addiction. To see if one of our counselors is a good fit to help meet your needs and goals, please schedule a free consultation by filling out the online request form on the How to Get Started page.

Please note that due to an unusually high demand for counseling and the services we provide, we currently have limited openings. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive counseling at The Crossing?

The individual and couples counseling offered by our professional counseling team is a service for those who have fulfilled the steps required for membership at The Crossing.

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What is Professional Christian Counseling?

Professional Christian counseling offers a safe place for people to be honest with themselves, others and with God about the deep broken places in their lives.

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How is professional Christian counseling different from pastoral counseling?

Our ordained pastors bring the rich resources of the Christian theological tradition, and a caring disposition to nurture those under their leadership.

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What should I expect from counseling?

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