Integrated Soul Care

Integrated Soul Care is a holistic approach to dealing with the many ways that people have been affected by sin and suffering in a broken world. The Bible describes our soul as being created in the image of God, which embodies the essence of who we are. How we experience life and relationships begins at birth and is profoundly shaped by our parents, culture, environment and the curse of living in a broken world. These elements play a critical role in how we form our identity and learn to see ourselves, others and God. Our professional counseling team honors each person’s unique life story and considers the multiple factors that influence their present situation.

We believe that the local church is the best place for people to have access to professional counseling because the powerful preaching and teaching of God’s Word prepares a person’s heart for deeper reflection and growth. Despite attending church, studying theology, or even taking a Bible study, many people are “stuck” in unwanted feelings of confusion and pain and begin to realize that their coping mechanisms and behavior patterns are causing damage in their lives and relationships. By providing a safe and confidential place for God’s people to be heard and known, skillful professional counseling can address the complexity of a person’s story.

Instead of seeing our negative or painful emotions as a disease we need to rid ourselves from, we slow down and pay attention to the places where we have been wounded, experiences that have shaped us, and beliefs we have come to embrace as a result. Neuroscientists have now affirmed what the Bible has always taught - that we have been wired for deep emotional connection. Consequently, Integrated Soul Care acknowledges hidden thoughts and feelings so that they can be understood and addressed in the light of God’s truth. The greatest potential for healing occurs when the sacred territory of our hearts intersects with the body of Christ and the intentional process of counseling.

Ultimately, the professional counseling we provide is an intensified growth process in the life of a Christian that produces the internal freedom to make wise, life-giving choices. Integrated Soul Care brings the hope of the gospel – that Christ is with us and for us - to life’s most profound questions and fears. We hope to be a part of your healing as we engage this process together.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive counseling at The Crossing?

The individual and couples counseling offered by our professional counseling team is a service for those who have fulfilled the steps required for membership at The Crossing.

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What is Professional Christian Counseling?

Professional Christian counseling offers a safe place for people to be honest with themselves, others and with God about the deep broken places in their lives.

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How is professional Christian counseling different from pastoral counseling?

Our ordained pastors bring the rich resources of the Christian theological tradition, and a caring disposition to nurture those under their leadership.

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