Who can receive counseling at The Crossing?

The individual and couples counseling offered by our professional counseling team is a service for those who have fulfilled the steps required for membership at The Crossing. This means that you have completed the Discovery Class, met with a pastor for your membership interview, and signed the membership covenant. The Crossing Counseling Ministry primarily exists to meet the counseling needs of our Crossing members.

We also meet with regular attendees of The Crossing as space is available. This means that you have regularly participated in attending services for a minimum of three months, and are actively engaged in the The Crossing community through a small group, bible study or volunteer team. This level of commitment to The Crossing is a vital aspect of a successful counseling experience, as we believe that the preaching of the Word, combined with fellowship with other believers is an integral part of the growth process.

What are the fees for professional counseling?

Each of our counselors have minimally received a Master’s degree in Counseling or Therapy from an accredited institution, and completed all clinical requirements to provide professional counseling services. Every incoming request is reviewed and evaluated based on our collective pastoral, psychological and clinical experience. As a ministry of The Crossing, we are able to bring our professional knowledge base and services to you at an affordable rate, while striving for excellence in our work with clients.

  • Initial Assessment fee: $35 (Required for all new potential clients)
  • Student fee: $35 per session
  • Individual fee: $45 per session
  • Family fee: $60 per session
  • Couple fee: $60 per session

A scholarship application is available upon request.

What is professional Christian counseling?

Professional Christian counseling offers a safe place for people to be honest with themselves, others and with God about the deep broken places in their lives. We believe that God is ready to meet us in our struggles and restore us to life and health when we invite Him into our life stories so we can live with integrity. Counseling can help us understand how God has designed people and relationships to function and flourish and then apply the truth of the gospel so we have the internal resources to address the challenges of life. We depend on the illuminating work of the Spirit to guide us in God’s truth and grace and we are patient with the process of time needed to bring growth and transformation in the lives of those seeking help through counseling.

How is professional Christian counseling different from pastoral counseling?

Our ordained pastors bring the rich resources of the Christian theological tradition, and a caring disposition to nurture those under their leadership. Sometimes, spending a period of time with a pastor is sufficient to address spiritual questions or face difficult challenges. But, there are other occasions that require more time and technical expertise that goes beyond the scope of pastoral counseling. Professional Christian counselors who have been clinically trained to do therapy are prepared to handle some of the more complex issues that arise. The Crossing Counseling Ministry and The Crossing pastoral staff offers both services in an effort to connect our people to God and each other in deep transformative ways. If you are interested in meeting with a pastor, please email [email protected].

What clinical methods do you use in counseling?

Christian counseling established in a biblical worldview will utilize the best of psychological research under the authority of Scripture. Some of the Christian thinkers and authors that shape our approach to Integrated Soul Care are: St. Augustine, St. Teresa of Avila, Chuck DeGroat, Dan Allender, Eric Johnson, John Coe, Henry Cloud, John Townsend, Diane Langberg and others, as well as the rich insight of Object-Relations Therapy, Family Systems, Attachment Theory, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Schema Therapy and Internal Family Systems. Our professional counselors will engage with your story using multiple methods and approaches designed to help you reach your goals.

What can I expect in a counseling session?

You can expect our counseling to be holistic in approach as we work together to address three inter-related perspectives in your life. Experiential: what is going on inside your heart right now and the major life events that have had the most significant impact on you; Contextual: what is happening in your current circumstances that has brought you to counseling; and Spiritual: how does God relate to all that is happening? You can expect counseling to be somewhat disruptive as we explore previously unidentified emotions and beliefs, evaluate habits and patterns, and introduce new ideas and paradigms. In brief, you can expect your counseling to be intensive and rewarding work.

How do I know that the process will be confidential?

We make every effort to keep your personal information confidential and protect what you share with us, because we know that counseling doesn’t work without a high degree of trust and safety. When you enter into counseling you are opening yourself to a process of exploring the hidden places of your heart so that you can be connected to the life of God and all the spiritual provisions He has given you through Christ. We recognize that it is a profoundly courageous decision to reach out for help to deal with painful parts of your story. Your privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to us, and an essential component of building trust. We subscribe to the Code of Ethics prescribed by the American Association of Christian Counselors which can be reviewed at www.acca.net.

How long does counseling last?

The length of time for counseling depends upon the needs of the couple or individual. We generally recommend at least 3-5 sessions before we can assess what will be necessary to address the clients concerns.

What should I expect from counseling?

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