How to Get Started

Step One

The professional counseling services at The Crossing are reserved for members and regular attendees only. Please review the requirements for membership and regular attendance in our FAQ section to make sure that you can be considered for an initial assessment.

Step Two

If you are a Crossing member or regular attendee, please fill out an online request form that provides a formal request for counseling through our ministry. You will be contacted by our Clinical Coordinator within 3-5 business days of the receipt of that official request, who will set up an initial session for a thorough assessment that will help us determine what your issues and concerns are, and how the Counseling Ministry may help meet your needs. Your online request form and all of your paperwork will be kept strictly confidential.

  • The cost of this initial assessment with our Clinical Coordinator is $35. Online payment will be made via credit card through a confidential client portal and all payments are due the day of service.

Step Three

Once you have completed your initial assessment, our clinical coordinator will communicate with you about the counseling team’s recommendations and their availability to begin counseling, or will provide you with a referral if necessary. You may be placed on a wait list if there are no current openings. Once a spot becomes available, your counselor will contact you to begin the process of counseling. Any questions that you have about this can be emailed to [email protected].

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