Our Approach

Our experienced professional Christian counselors are committed to offering spiritual, emotional and psychological care rooted in a biblical perspective. We approach each client with the knowledge that we bear the image of God, and our spirit is created to abide with God and be connected to the life of God through our Savior, Jesus Christ. Yet the Bible explains that we are born disconnected from God because we are diseased with sin that separates us from our Creator. Until we receive the gift of faith and are given a “new life” in Christ, we are stumbling around in the dark, burdened by sin and seeking satisfaction through “god substitutes.” We are internally disintegrated and cut off from God, others and parts of ourselves.

Even once we have been given the gift of faith through the illuminating work of the Spirit, the enemy of our soul seeks to destroy our connection with God, perhaps even more forcefully than before. He lies, deceives and steals our peaceful assurance that we are God’s adopted children, deeply loved by our Heavenly Father. The enemy uses our story against us and insulates us with feelings of shame that keep us isolated and “stuck”. The ultimate goal of Integrated Soul Care is to help a person move from disintegration to integration. The essential work we do in counseling is an honest engagement of the heart before the face of God, which produces healing and results in a life of integrity and the pursuit of wisdom.

Integrated Soul Care understands that our bodies are under the curse of sin and experience decay and dysfunction. This holistic approach recognizes that our mental and emotional health can be severely altered by physiological structures that break down. Through research-based medical treatment and intervention, many people experience relief and stability from distressing symptoms. We carefully consider how medical treatment can be beneficial to your mental, emotional and psychological health and we will offer an appropriate referral to a qualified physician if needed. Other factors such as diet, exercise and environmental stressors can all have a significant impact on our health and may be discussed as part of your individualized care.

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