Addiction Information

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

In the case of substance addictions (drug and alcohol), research has shown that therapy is usually not the most effective means of addressing the addiction unless a person is sober and engaged in active recovery. Because of this we have made it our policy to require all clients struggling with substance addiction to be actively involved in recovery with a minimum of 30 days sobriety prior to beginning a course of therapy.

Addiction Support and Treatment in Columbia and Booneville:

12 Step Groups:
AA –
NA –

Phoenix House –
Valley Hope –

Note: Usually recovery requires a number of ingredients to be successful. We find that recovery is most successful when someone is involved in a 12 Step group with a sponsor, has an additional network of support from another group, and is involved in therapy.

Sexual Addiction

Sex and pornography addiction is a growing concern in our culture at large and therefore within the church. We believe that God designed our bodies and our sexuality to be a wonderful part of what it means to be human. Our overly sexualized culture has distorted many aspects of this beautiful and complex part of our lives. We believe that love, sex and pornography addiction can be addressed through authenticity, honesty and vulnerability in a safe and shame-free environment. If you are ready to address concerns in your life around your sexuality, The Crossing Counseling Ministry desires to be a resource for you.

Crossing Integrity Groups

Community Resources

SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous)
These groups are 12 step based groups in Columbia.
Men – 573 340-1122
Women – email: [email protected]

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