Marriage & Parenting Classes

Managing the Mess of Marriage

Teachers: John Tinnin & Lynn Roush
When: Sunday mornings in the Fall (dates TBA)
Duration: 6 Weeks

Marriage holds the greatest potential for relational fulfillment, yet can also be the greatest source of disappointment and hurt. Our desire for intimacy and connection may feel elusive despite our best efforts to love our spouse. Growing in knowledge, wisdom and understanding about how relationships work is the best way to make sense of what is happening in your marriage and ultimately help you manage the mess of an imperfect marriage. Communication, conflict resolution, boundaries, forgiveness and self-awareness are just a few of the topics covered in this class.

You will learn what drives emotional connection in a marriage, how to form a deeper bond with your spouse, and how to build up your relationship to avoid a breakdown. You will be given homework assignments designed to bring greater awareness of both the strength and growth areas in your marriage, and receive structure and support to take steps forward. God’s design for marriage is unique and complex, and the material in this class will help you navigate the realities and challenges every marriage will face.

This class is open to married, engaged or dating couples, as well as singles who want to know what to expect if they should decide to get married. We recommend taking this foundational class as in the fall, followed by our more intensive class, Real Marriage, in the spring.

Real Marriage

Teachers: John Tinnin & Lynn Roush
When: Wednesday evenings during Spring Night Crossing (dates TBA)
Duration: 6 Weeks

Everyone wants the “ideal” marriage, but learning to live with a “real” marriage that has strengths and weaknesses, offers the best chance of success and fulfillment. The “Real Marriage” class is designed for engaged and married couples who want to have an in depth understanding of the growth and strength areas in their relationship using a time-tested, scientifically based marriage assessment called Prepare-Enrich.

Each couple will take the online assessment and receive a detailed report and guidance to interpret the results. In class, you will learn practical ways to establish a biblically-designed marriage, and given tools to build an enduring friendship that glorifies God. The Crossing counselors will provide 12 topical lessons that are crucial to understanding communication, emotional intimacy, relationship “killers”, forgiveness and conflict management, equivalent to 12 hours of professional marriage counseling.

Total Cost: $70

  • You will pay $35 to The Crossing when you register for the class.
  • You will be sent a link to complete an online survey REQUIRED for this class. You will pay $35 online at the time you take the survey.

Only couples can take this class.

  • The couples can be engaged or married, but the format of the class is designed around each couple taking an online assessment and we will be using the results of this assessment throughout the class lecture and discussion. Therefore, it is not a class that we can offer to single people at this time.

Real Parenting

Teachers: John Tinnin & Lynn Roush
When: Wednesday evenings during Fall Night Crossing (dates TBA)
Duration: 6 Weeks

There is a lot of pressure on parents these days. We live in a culture that promotes high performance parenting and celebrates the virtues of those who do it well. Parents are often left with fear and confusion over whether or not they will get things right so that kids turn out perfectly. In “Real Parenting” we offer a different model. We think the gospel can free us to have honest, imperfect relationships in our family where both parents and kids learn from their mistakes and are allowed to grow in grace. Grace enables parents to relax because God uses the broken and messy things in our lives to take us up into His bigger story of redemption.

The skills you will learn in this 6-week intensive class will teach you and your child how to have healthy relationships anchored around the way in which God parents us: with love and limits. Real Parenting will equip you with essential tools and new approaches to parenting that will enable you to live more deeply in God’s grace and be a “good enough” parent for your kids. We encourage both moms and dads to experience this class together so that you can effectively apply these skills as a team.

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