Individual Counseling

“Thank you so much for your time and wisdom in helping me come to terms with my past and take hold of my future. I greatly appreciate your non-judgmental attitude and ability to understand me.”
– Individual Counseling Client

“I just wanted to tell you that I really couldn’t have come to this place of understanding God’s love for me without your unconditional compassion, listening, empathy and wisdom. Being able to gain that through our sessions has freed me up to be fully known and cared for. I can truly never thank you enough for your influence in my life.”
– Individual Counseling Client

Adolescent/Family Counseling

“We are so glad you came into our lives to help our family. The transformation has been beautiful to watch, and I am thankful for how much I have learned about trusting God and not trying to control everything. It has been painful for all of us, but we have grown through this process. We owe such a debt of gratitude to you and the Crossing that we will never be able to pay. Your grace to us will always be a part of helping me to see more of what God’s love and grace is to me in my life.”
– Adolescent/Family Counseling Client

Couples Counseling

“Marriage counseling at The Crossing helped us get out the damaging cycle we had found ourselves in and allowed us to begin repairing our marriage. Our sessions became a safe space to share our disappointments and fears. We learned how to create the same safe environment at home and our counselor’s approach challenged us to dig deeper than we normally would be comfortable. This process started us on the long path of healing and gave our marriage hope when we had none. Now we have the tools and resources we need to keep moving forward as a couple and a family, thanks to the counseling we received.”
– Couples Counseling Client

“We realized that the conflict in our marriage needed an outside perspective. We had opinions and advice from family and friends, but we needed someone objective to help us understand the source of our disagreements and learn the skills needed to have a healthy relationship. The counseling we received through The Crossing Counseling Ministry has been an invaluable resource for our marriage.”
– Couples Counseling Client

Real Marriage Class

“Real Marriage has been life-changing for our marriage! Shockingly, it was the part about childhood developmental needs and how they still affect me as an adult that really spoke to me. Every time an issue comes up, I now have a way to decipher what it’s about and the root of where it’s coming from. And we have tools to address it and talk about it. I appreciate you putting this class together more than words can say!”
– Real Marriage class participant

“Our relationship is stronger and deeper than ever, which is a priceless gift to us. Please know you have our heartfelt gratitude for the information and guidance you’ve given us through Real Marriage.”
– Real Marriage class participant

Real Parenting Class

“Every parent feels the pressure to “do a good job” of raising their kids and there is no shortage of advice on the subject. What I really appreciated about the Real Parenting class was how the teaching helped to lower the pressure and stress of parenting while at the same time giving practical counsel based on solid academic research. As a dad, I learned new, effective ways to emotionally connect to my kids. But perhaps the best part of the class is how deeply the content is biblically rooted in the idea that we want to parent our kids the way God parents us: with Love and Limits. I would highly recommend it.”
– Real Parenting class participant

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